Further Reading

Here you can find a list of complementary reading and resources.



Memorials of Academic Life by Dr. John Newton Waddel
John was the son of Dr. Rev. Moses Waddel, and a successful educator and preacher in his own rite. His memoir accounts the early life of his family, and particularly focuses on the life of his father, Moses.

The Cloud of Witnesses – A compilation of biographical sketches and last testaments of martyrs from the Second Reformation of Scotland. The entirety of John Waddel’s last testimony before his death can be found starting on page 228.

Men of the Covenant by Alexander Smellie – Published in 1908, an historical overview of the Presbyterian church in the time of the persecution during the Scottish Reformation, particularly through the Second Reformation era.

The Lion of the Covenant: The Story of Richard Cameron by Maurice Grant – Though a biographical address of one particularly prominent man of the Reformation, Grant’s exploration of Cameron’s life provides a fascinating look into the era. It touches on many of the controversies of the time, and includes the perspectives of Cameron, robert Hamilton, Donald Cargill, John Welsh of Irongray, and others who were present during many of the events which also affected the Waddel family. Acounts of the Battle of Drumclog and of the events of Bothwell Bridge are among those explored.